The Graduate Accelerator is set to train and connect employers with the most aspiring graduates for their entry level roles.

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The Problem

In ability to access the right talent, with the right skills, at the right time is a challenge employers every day. I realized that 96% of our candidates on Stutern do not have the skills employers want. This also tells me that this ratio will remain the same as we continue to grow. For example if we have 10 million users, the same 96% will remain skills deficient. On the under hand, employers are still having positions they haven’t filled. There is a demand, but very poor supply. This cuts across Africa, the 400 million youths. 96% of them are not skilled.

The Approach

So I came up with assumptions based market insights derived from Stutern. The assumptions I came up with helped to craft good questions that can led to experimentions.

Questions like:

  1. If we have all our 96% users skilled, are there enough employers to employ them?
  2. Is it possible to train a recent-graduate with almost zero skills to a level that can make them competitive and attractive to employers?
  3. Can this training be done online instead of offline?
  4. Can they afford to pay? What exactly will it cost? How long will it take?
  5. How do we measure success?

Then to more narrowed questions like:

  1. What field should we focus on? Who is best to take this course?
  2. How do we recruit for the best 1%?
  3. How can we begin to get them in front of employers before we conclude the course?.

And most importantly:

  1. How do we build a course that is completely relevant to the workplace i.e an active approach instead of the passive approach to learning?

The Process

The Result

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