Stutern is an online community of young African talents looking for internships or first jobs and employers looking to hire them. Stutern is used by universites, employers and talents around Nigeria and the rest of the world.

The Problem

Almost half of the 10 million graduates churned out of the over 668 universities in Africa yearly do not get a job.

In 2014, my co-founder (my twin too) and I found it difficult to get our first job out of college in Nigeria. We discovered millions of Africans face this problem every year. So, we decided to solve this problem for ourselves by creating a listing site for internships and entry level jobs.

Youth unemployment is one of the ticking time-bombs facing Africa. Take for instance two of the continent's largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa, both are sitting with youth unemployment rates of well over 30%.

The Solution

Stutern works with academic institutions and companies to provide job and learning opportunities to both students and recent graduates.

The Journey

Stutern's ultimate goal is to shape Africa's future through the opportunities the youths are able to access in order to kickstart their careers.

Today, we work with clients like Uber, Konga, Flutterwave and over 1,700 more employers.

We have active ambassadors in more than 50 universites and they onboard new users to join the platform online, usually through their mobile phones, in order to access several employment and learning opportunities.

Till date, we have placed more than 2,000 youths to internships and jobs.

How it Works for Talents

Recent graduates and students goes to Stutern and register.

Once they have created a profile, which they can also translate to a printed CV for free, they can then apply for jobs while taking courses to improve job-related skills.

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Applied Positions Page

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How it Works for Employers

Employers can either search and shortlist (based on skills, availability and location) candidates that have been vetted or they can post the job positions and requirements which they wish to hire students and graduates for. Thereafter, selected candidates are further shortlisted for interviews by the employers.

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