The Nigeria Internship Fair is a career event that brings thousands of pre-screened undergraduates and graduate job seekers in a room with hundreds of employers, for immediate internship and employment opportunities.

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The Problem

Nigerian youths make up an alarming 60% of the 180m population. Our tertiary institutions graduate about 2.5 million youths annually and about 40% of the graduates remain unemployed or unemployable due to little or no employable skills. This number will unfortunately remain on the increase if proper action is not taken.

The Approach

Employers provides details of open positions and candidates will have a chance to apply online. Candidates get screened in order to pick the best potentials that will be interviewed at the fair. To increase chances of being interviewed and hired, candidates should joins an online group where leading Human Resource experts prepare candidates ahead of the fair.

The Speaking Sessions

The Workshop Sessions

The Interview Sessions


Promotional Assets

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